APF Properties

APF Properties is a fully integrated real estate investment firm with a portfolio valued at approximately $800 million. The firm has its headquarters in New York City with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Frankfurt, Germany.

Antan Recona

ANTAN RECONA Investment GmbH & Co. KG was founded in June 2011.

This company conjoins the ANTAN and RECONA groups’ project development business in the area of retail, social and residential construction projects, in volumes of 3 to 30 million Euros.

Harder & Partner

The right warehouse for every need. J. B. Harder has been developing and providing multifunctional warehousing for more than 25 years.

Joint development of the Kiel-Friedrichsort business park on a site of approx. 360,000 square meters.

AquAgro Fund, L.P.

AquAgro Fund, L.P. is a venture capital fund of around €50 million, focused on Israel’s innovative water and agriculture technologies, and on other sectors of innovative and clean technologies. The worldwide fundamental problems in the area of water, energy and food resources are steadily growing in severity and extent, and pose a huge number of challenges. These challenges give rise to huge opportunities for companies who can exploit new, cost-effective and cutting-edge technologies to offer solutions at a global level for these very real problems which will continue to exist in the coming decades.

DryGair Energies Ltd.

DryGair Energies Ltd. developed solutions for dampness in greenhouses. The system monitors and regulates a greenhouse climate in an energy-efficient manner and ensures constant temperatures and humidity - even at cold outside temperatures. DryGair thus reduces energy costs, use of pesticides, is environmentally-friendly, and increases yields. DryGair Energies Ltd. collaborates with the experienced team at the Volcani Center, the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization ARO.

Moraz Medical Herbs Ltd.

Moraz Medical Herbs Ltd. is a company in Afula, Israel that produces and distributes natural cosmetics.

VerDiesel Group

VerDiesel Group develops and invests in projects in the Biodiesel field.

Our main focus is raw material collection in Latin America, trading and production.

Our projects & holdings include:

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